Landscaping Supplies

Silt Fence- 3'x100'
Silt Fence is typically designed for erosion control. It is used to retain sediment in places where soil is being disturbed by construction.
Clear Plastic Roll 10’ x 25’
Plastic Rolls can be used for moisture and vapor barriers, mulching, weather protection and concrete curing.
Bale of Hay
Covers Approximately 400 square feet
Landscape Fabric
3’x 50’ or 3’ x 100’
4’ x 50’ or 4’ x 100’ 
4’ x 250’ or 6’ x 250’
Steel Fabric Pins
100 Per Box
Peat Moss 2.2  CF or 3.8 CF
Peat Moss should be used as a soil amendment. It increases the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients.
2.8 Cubic Feet.
Covers approximately 600 square feet.
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